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ISSA member`s stories of success
Security Operations Center Manager at Cisco I ISSA 2019 Volunteer of the Year I International Keynote Speaker
" I wouldn't be where I am without the International Systems Security Association (ISSA). During night school two and a half years ago is where I first heard of an association of like-minded professionals that would challenge where I wanted to go and how I wanted to grow in the industry. Ever since that one free meeting in Raleigh, I didn't look back. I jumped two feet in as soon as I found out Matthew Young was standing up a chapter here in the Fayetteville Fort Bragg area! This organization helped me give back to the local community what I was missing when I transitioned out of the Army after a 13 year career. With mentors across the industry, male and female, I was able to get my start as a technical writer for the Air Force and work my way to being the SOC Manager for Cisco in the public sector. The ISSA has taught me we are always in a dual role when it comes to mentoring as we continue to learn and grow to better the industry."
Nia F. Luckey
Managed Print Analyst at Digital Document Solutions | ISSAFFB Volunteer
Social networking in person is a great resource to find opportunities you may not find online. While attending Fayetteville Technical Community College, I was doing research for a friend. The research lead to the local Xerox dealer, Thomas Hamann was helpful in answering all my questions. Chris Herring an instructor at FTCC will post opportunities he receives. I took advantage of this resource. I submitted my resume to Digital Document Solutions for a position posted by Chris. As I pulled into the parking lot for my interview, I realized it was the local Xerox dealer. The interview included the owner Lanny Leonard and the Sales Manager Thomas Hamann. The interview went well and started my post Military career in Information Technologies as a Managed Print analyst.
Carlos Valencia
PC Technician | Jacobs
Transitioning from the Military at the end of 2020.
I applied to many positions with no results. A member of NC Works transitioning team introduced me to ISSAFFB. After sitting down with Carlos Valencia to review my resume; I applied his feedback. The ISSAFFB team and I went to work and engaging our network.
I began to receive calls to interviews with offers soon after.
Combining my network with ISSAFFB made the transition from Active Duty to Veteran much easier.
Sky Schmidt
The ISSA Fayetteville / Fort Bragg is a local chapter of the larger organization (the ISSA) and is proud to welcome the Fayetteville and Fort Bragg community.
The forefront of our mission and goal is to provide the community with education concerning all things cyber. We are proud to have in our midst some of the industry's most knowledgeable professionals that share their knowledge every meeting. In addition to education, the ISSA offers great networking opportunities for those at a student level all the way up through expert level. Together, we make up the cyber community and are proud to strengthen and educate all who are willing to attend.
We're glad you asked. Registration in the ISSA is easy and can be done here. However, we do encourage that you attend at least one meeting before registering just to ensure that it truly is something that you are interested in. Our Registration Director and Assistant Registration Director would be happy to assist anyone with questions regarding the registration process. Please visit the contact us page for their contact information.
Being a member of the ISSA means you are a member of the most globally recognized cyber security organization. One of the strategic goals of the ISSA is to "lead the global security community collaboration to protect society from security threats"; and you can be a part of it! In addition to gaining the reputation and association to the ISSA you will enjoy all benefits of networking!
Benefits for members:
  • Earn CPE / CPU credits for attending
  • Access to webinars, ISSA Journal, and other member only resources
  • Build professional relationships
  • Professional Developement
  • Learn about industry best practices and real-world experiences
  • Career information and employment opportunities
  • Chances to give back to the profession and the community
  • Chances to teach what you know and share your insights
  • Resume help
  • Free food! Every meeting has a catered dinner.
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Top 10 Reasons Cybersecurity Professionals Join ISSA
ISSA is the community of choice for international cybersecurity professionals dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk and protecting critical information and infrastructure
1 - 2 - 3
  • Build professional relationships
  • Keep up on developments in information security/risk/privacy
  • Content of chapter meetings
Support 4 - 5 - 6
  • Professional development or educational programming offerings
  • Earn CPEs/CPUs
  • We are always ready to answer your questions.
Experience 7- 8- 9
  • Learn practical/best practices solutions
  • Career information and employment opportunities
  • Advance the profession
10 - 11
  • Give back to the profession
  • Develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals
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  • Build professional relationships
  • Keep up on developments in information security/risk/privacy
  • Content of chapter meetings
  • Developing & Connecting Cyber Security Professionals Globally
Per year
+1 year of chapter dues
  • Professional development or educational programming offerings
  • Earn CPEs/CPUs
  • Learn practical/best practices solutions
  • Career information and employment opportunities
  • Join an Exclusive Community of Cyber Security Leaders
Per year
+1 year of chapter dues
  • Advance the profession
  • Give back to the profession
  • Develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals
  • Training for members
  • The Ideal Membership for Government Agency Employees
Per year
+1 year of chapter dues
  • The Benefits of Membership at Student-Friendly Rates
  • Learning and Development
  • Future Career Opportunities
  • Earn CPE/CPU Credits
  • Access to a Global Network

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